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Causal biological diagnostics consider the patients physique, examining environmental influences (alimentation, hygiene, etc.), his genetic constitution and the state of his immune system.
[Gerhard Madaus]
It is not the organ that is diseased, it is the disease of the whole person that can be detected within certain organs.

Consequently, our patients need a holistic and individual therapy.

Therefore, careful diagnostics have to decide about the actual treatment. The diagnostic procedures are carried out by our experienced team members. We also take your academic medical reports into account. This is how we understand holistic medicine.


Our diagnostic methods are amongst others:
  • Enderlein dark field microscopy
  • Eye diagnostics
  • Biological resonance diagnostics
  • Gravitational diagnostics
  • Classic urine examination
  • Classic blood panel diagnostics


We will be glad to explain to you every step of your therapy and all technical terms. Before your individual treatment starts, we will discuss all details of your therapy with you.

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